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The Germans refer to Lake Garda as ‘the first corner of the Mediterranean Sea’. Standing by the shore of the vast lake, a warm breeze blowing across the water which shimmers in different shades of blue, it’s not hard to see why. The lake’s microclimate allows the plants of the Mediterranean to flourish, so when the breeze blows it brings with it the sweet southern Italian aromas of lemon, lavender, aloe plants and olive trees.

It’s no wonder then that this beautiful place has always been sought out as a place of relaxation and restoration. During the time of the Roman Empire the Emperor himself would come to Lake Garda for the thermal waters. To the South of the lake in a small town named Sirmione, it is still possible to visit the site of the Roman Baths and enjoy the benefits of the contemporary Thermal Centre.

However, if it’s real rejuvenation that you’re after, we recommend a visit to the Lefay Resort & Spa Lago di Garda. The award-winning spa (Tatler Spa Awards 2017 – Best East & West Fusion), situated within 11 hectares of natural park in the heart of the spectacular Riviera dei Limoni, is surrounded by gentle hills and natural terraces rich in olive trees and woods overlooking the lake.

At the exclusive Lefay Spa wellness is everywhere: in the sunlight that streams through the large windows, in the wonderful gardens, in the water of the swimming pools and in the magical atmosphere that envelops everything. The ‘Lefay Spa Method’ was carefully created to restore balance in body and mind through the restoration of vital energy.

The spa provides a wide range of bespoke packages to cater to your individual needs. Whether you’re interested in weight loss, a purifying detox, or easing your aching joints the Lefay spa will have the treatments to suit you. Nobody is excluded from their considerations with programmes specifically designed for everyone from expectant mothers, men and even children.

The resort’s 93 Suites all come with a spectacular view of the lake and are designed according to the Lefay Wellness concept in order to capture the beauty and the sensation of nature. Wide spaces, natural fabrics and precious materials including Italian marbles, olive and walnut woods are complemented by advanced technologies to provide guests with an exemplary luxury experience.

The property is high on a hill, about 450mt above the level of the lake, giving it its stunning views. The nearest town of Gargnano is a real treasure of Lake Garda from where you can take a boat ride to explore the lake. The journey to Gargnano takes approximately ten minutes by car and the resort offers a complimentary shuttle service everyday between 10am and 7pm.

Of course, food is very important in Italy and Lefay have developed a culinary concept called Vital Gourmet which pays particular attention to the health aspects of food. The concept focuses on the freshness and vibrancy of the Mediterranean diet in which extra virgin olive oil reigns supreme. Executive Chef, Matteo Maenza, creates dishes full of the flavours of Italy which are inspired by rich regional traditions.  

Guests can choose to dine in the elegant La Grande Limonia restaurant or the more relaxed Trattoria La Vigna, whose tables are set out on a sunny terrace overlooking the lake. Each evening there is also an oil tasting in La Grande Limonia featuring Garda’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is produced by Lefay and forms the heart of the Mediterranean food philosophy espoused by the resort.

For those wanting to experience more of Italy’s famous cuisine, Lake Garda is full of opportunities to discover local products such as a visit to the Lemon Houses where the Garda’s Limoncino is produced. In addition, Lake Garda is surrounded by hundreds of vineyards which you can visit to learn about the process of winemaking and taste the beautiful wines of Italy.

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