Top destinations

Our dedicated honeymoon specialists have scoured the globe to find the most romantic destinations for your dream holiday. These are their favourite places for a perfect honeymoon, along with their personal recommendations. It’s never to early to start planning...

Gift list

Your honeymoon is often the one chance you get to book the trip of a lifetime. As well as crafting your tailor-made honeymoon, our experts can create a wedding gift list alongside your booking so that friends and family can contribute to your dream holiday.

Our top tips & advice

1 Get organised early.

If you’re getting married during peak holiday times like Easter, July & August or even Christmas & New Year, it’s best to book early. Leave it too late and you might miss out on the best flight times or the hotel you’ve set your heart on.

2 Check the weather.

The month you’re getting married may not be the best time to visit your chosen honeymoon destination. Be flexible. If you have a top three to choose from, you’re sure to be able to find the perfect climate. See our weather guide below to get you started.

3 Use the right name.

If you’re going to change your passport into your married name, make sure all travel documents and booking details are in the same name. Be sure to send off your documents in plenty of time so you get them back well before the big day.

4 Double the fun.

If you can’t decide between a city break and a beach hideaway, do both! There are lots of destinations where you can combine city and beach in a twin-centre trip like Dubai and the Maldives, Bangkok and Koh Samui or Rome and the Amalfi Coast.

5 Set up a gift list.

Your guests can donate money towards your perfect trip with a honeymoon gift list. Our Honeymoon Gift Service even lets your friends and family choose from a wish-list of individual experiences handpicked by you.

Weather to go

Know when you want to go on your honeymoon, but not sure where to head for calm waters and sunny skies? Use this handy month-by-month destination weather guide to help with that all-important decision.




Australia, Caribbean, Dubai, India, Maldives, Mexico, Oman, South America, Thailand.


California, Hawaii, Europe, Mauritius, Maldives, Morocco.


Dubai, India, Morocco, Oman, Seychelles, South Africa, Maldives.


Europe, Bali, California, Hawaii, Mauritius, La Reunion, Seychelles, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania.


Bora Bora, Mauritius, Maldives, Morocco, Seychelles, South Africa, Europe.


Europe, Bali, California, Hawaii, La Reunion, Mauritius, Seychelles, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania.




Bali, Chile, Morocco, Mauritius, Kenya, Tanzania, USA (California & New England).


Australia, Caribbean, Dubai, Oman, India, Maldives, New Zealand, Thailand.


Kenya, Mauritius, Dubai, Oman, Morocco, Seychelles.


Australia, Caribbean, Dubai, India, Kenya, Maldives, Mexico, New Zealand, Oman, South America, Thailand, Vietnam.


Caribbean, India, Maldives, Oman, Thailand.


Australia, Caribbean, Dubai, India, Kenya, Maldives, Mexico, New Zealand, Oman, South America, Thailand, Vietnam.

Consider this

Whatever month you want to travel there’s sure to be a destination that’s right for you. If you’re still not sure, here’s some final insights from our honeymoon experts to get you on the right track.

1 Safe bets.

Mauritius, California, the Seychelles and the United Arab Emirates all have climates that will appeal year-round. Watch out for soaring temperatures in the UAE in our summer months and visit California in spring or autumn to avoid the crowds.

2 Beware!

The Far East and the Caribbean can both be volatile weather-wise. On the upside, this means you can get some great deals. Avoid the Caribbean in September and October (hurricane season) and look out for warnings about the rainy season in the Far East.

3 Summer honeymoon?

Choose Europe! Save your air-miles and stay close to home. There’s nowhere more romantic than Italy, Greece or Spain in the summer sunshine. If you’d rather go farther afield, try Indonesia as there’s little rain in Bali between May & September.

4 Heart set on an African safari?

January to March is generally dry in Kenya and Tanzania but if you want to see the Great Migration, visit the Serengeti between November and July or the more northerly Maasai Mara from July to October.

5 Thailand get your pulse racing?

Pick a coastline or island then check the climate carefully as it can vary dramatically according to geography. November to March is generally drier and cooler with Koh Samui best in our summer months.

6 Got dreams of Bora Bora but nightmares about your bank balance?

The Maldives is a fantastic alternative with the same warm azure seas, castaway paradise feel, amazing reefs and gorgeous over-water villas for the ultimate romantic honeymoon.