Silver Moon: Travel by Taste with S.A.L.T.

Silversea’s highly anticipated new ship, Silver Moon, will finally be setting sail next summer and is set to provide a culinary travel experience like no other.

Some people eat to live, and others live to eat. If you’re one of those in the latter category, then you won’t want to miss out on a journey on board Silver Moon as the ship launches its new culinary programme called S.A.L.T. Standing for Sea and Land Taste, the pioneering concept will revolutionise the way guests experience food and local food culture during their cruise.

Food and dining have always been a huge part of the travel experience and Silversea are renowned for their fantastic restaurants. However, as our tastes have become more sophisticated and our experiences more varied, travellers have come to expect more than just excellent quality and delicious flavours from their food. No longer content with being detached observers, the modern traveller wants to experience their destination in an authentic and immersive way and food is one brilliant way of achieving this.

“Silver Moon will showcase an entire ecosystem around culinary discovery…
Our guests share a common passion for food but what they really love about food is that
it’s an amazing key to get under a culture, to understand the soul of a destination. “

 – Barbara Muckermann, Chief Marketing Officer at Silversea.

Food is at the heart of every culture and any community: how people cook, the tools and methods they use, differs from place to place to place; where people cook, be it in the kitchen at home, over a wok in the street, or an open fire by the river, is unique to every destination; why people come together to eat, the events where we are united by food, is specific to every community, every family, every friendship group; and what people cook with, the ingredients and flavours in their meals, reflects the landscape and the heritage of their homes. It is this local individuality and idiosyncrasy of food that S.A.L.T. will help guests to discover and explore during their Silver Moon cruise.

S.A.L.T Bar on board Silver Moon

On board Silver Moon, guests will enjoy the finest food at eight restaurants, each one with its own distinct concept, the most immersive of which will, of course, take place in the S.A.L.T. Kitchen. Rather than specialising in just Italian or Japanese cuisine, S.A.L.T Kitchen will be dedicated to serving up the authentic flavours of each destination sailed to with a constantly evolving menu and regionally inspired wine list. What’s more, in the adjoining S.A.L.T. bar, guests will also be able to try more local drinks, helping to engage even further with the destination’s food and drink culture.

To further enrich guests’ culinary experience, Silversea have created a new space on board Silver Moon entitled S.A.L.T Lab. Here guests will learn about local ingredients and cooking techniques through workshops, tastings and demonstrations run by expert local chefs and industry authorities. With themed experiences adapted according to the region in which guests are sailing, the aim of S.A.L.T Lab is to allow guests to dive deeper into local food cultures.

S.A.L.T. Lab on board SIlver Moon

The final element of this holistic approach to culinary travel is for guests to experience their destinations’ food cultures first-hand on specially curated shore excursions. Varying from port to port, this could mean visiting a local home to learn about recipes passed down through the generations or trekking into the jungle to collect indigenous ingredients.

Adam Sachs, a celebrated food journalist, is overseeing the S.A.L.T. programme, using his vast experience and knowledge of food to share engaging culinary stories with guests as they travel the world. He says:

“By connecting customised shore excursions with fascinating lectures and hands-on onboard cooking experiences, we allow guests to come away with a more thorough understanding and appreciation for the tastes, cultures and foodways of the places we’re visiting… we’re taking an investigative, adventurous and open-minded approach to culinary travel and we can’t wait to share these tastes and experiences with our guests.”

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