Cuisine Cruises: Discover the taste of Vietnam and Cambodia

Vietnam is flooded each year by over 3 million tourists from all over the world.

They come to see jaw-dropping scenery and to experience a nation shaped by thousands of years of diverse cultural influence. In no other country is a history so vividly apparent; Chinese-looking temples stand alongside French colonial-style buildings with an evocative background of brilliant red and yellow, the many different elements of Vietnam’s past tumbling over one another into its unique and varied present.

Cambodia displays many of the same influences as Vietnam, thanks in part to a shared colonial history, and is becoming an ever more popular destination for tourists. The country has succeeded with great grace in moving on from its harrowing recent history, drawing more and more visitors with its spectacular ancient temples and thriving cities.   

APT’s ‘Vietnam and Cambodia Highlights’ Mekong River Cruise is a fantastic way to see these two countries for the first time, allowing you to experience the best of both their natural landscapes and intoxicating urban hubs. As well as having the benefit of expert local guides, you will also be able to enjoy exclusive dining experiences designed by renowned chef, Luke Nguyen, which celebrate his Vietnamese heritage.

French occupation influenced the cuisine of both Vietnam and Cambodia. In contrast to the rest of the surrounding countries in South East Asia, in Vietnam freshly baked baguettes are commonly sold on the streets in the same way that Pad Thai is sold in Thailand, and Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh, is famous for its bakeries. This is often a pleasant treat for Western travellers longing for some familiar food but it is also another example of the wonderfully diverse and surprising nature of these two countries.

The Chinese influence is also clear in Vietnamese food with iconic dishes such as Phở (traditional Vietnamese noodle soup) and Nước chấm (the omnipresent sweet and sour dipping sauce) both stemming from Chinese origin but made lighter, fresher and more vibrant in flavour.

While the cruise’s culinary focus naturally tends towards Vietnam with Luke Nguyen as Ambassador, Cambodian cuisine should not be overlooked. Visitors should not miss out on the chance to try a dish of Bò lúc lắcwhich celebrates the wonderful spice and flavour of Cambodia’s fragrant Kampot Pepper. 

For an extra special travel experience, ask our team about the exclusive tour escorted by Luke Nguyen himself. To find out more about this or any of APT’s Mekong River Cruises call our personal travel experts on 0191 285 9321 or send an email to

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