Polar Regions

About This Destination

There really is only one way to see the natural wonders and unique wildlife of the remote areas that top and tail our planet, and that is by sea. Once only open to the most intrepid explorers, it’s now possible to discover the Arctic and Antarctic in comfort with many leading cruise lines offering Expedition itineraries in ever-increasing levels of luxury.

The imposing arctic landscapes of Iceland, Greenland and the monumental Northwest Passage really is wilderness at its best. An Arctic cruise is a true adventure that will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime, as you cruise past towering icebergs and magnificent glaciers, spotting polar bears and arctic foxes on the snow or waving hello to whales and walruses who rise out of the frozen waters. During summer, the ‘Land of the Midnight Sun’ really comes into its own as wildlife revels in the warmer temperatures brought by almost 24 hours of daylight. Despite freezing temperatures and long hours of darkness, the winter months are also popular for that magical glimpse of the Northern Lights.

The mysterious ‘sixth continent’, the Antarctic still remains relatively untouched by humanity. Starting at the southernmost tip of Argentina, most itineraries will take you through Drake’s Passage to reach the most northern tip of the Antarctic, with many including stops at South Georgia (famous for its colony of King Penguins) and the Falkland Islands.

Fact File

  • Flight Time

    Flight time:

    Approx. 6 Hrs

  • Time Difference

    Time Difference:

    +/- 9 Hours

  • Best Time To Travel

    Best Time to Travel:

    October & April

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A polar desert of ice and water, the Antarctic comes alive between November and March, when icebergs begin to melt creating amazing ice sculptures and opening up passages for exploration. This time of year is also breeding season, so wildlife activity is in abundance with baby seals, penguins and migrating whales all in view.