Indian Ocean and Arabia

About This Destination

Paradise islands and futuristic cities sit amidst the waves of the vast Indian Ocean and a cruise in this region offers the chance to explore some of the most beautiful destinations on the planet. Vibrant turquoise waters give way to the sparkling white sands and palm-fringed shores of the Maldives, Mauritius, Sri Lanka and the Seychelles, where each island has its own unique character and flavour. Other than its famous pristine beaches, this region is home to an abundance of marine wildlife including endangered species like the dugong, turtles, seals and whales. The warmest ocean in the world, the Indian Ocean also boasts spectacular reefs, their rainbow-hued corals teeming with life.

From the wonders of nature to the heights of human achievement: the man-made islands of Dubai have to be seen to be believed. Sailing past the soaring skylines of Dubai and Abu Dhabi as the sun glints off the glass of their gravity-defying towers is an experience like no other. Step off the ship to see majestic architecture such as the Abu Dhabi’s Grand Mosque or explore the ancient souks of Oman. The Arabian Gulf is a fascinating destination, where ancient culture and traditions sit side by side with some of the most modern and visionary architecture in the world.

Fact File

  • Flight Time

    Flight time:

    Approx. 8 Hrs

  • Time Difference

    Time Difference:

    +3 Hours

  • Best Time To Travel

    Best Time to Travel:

    November – March

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A cruise is a great way to explore several of India’s most enchanting locations. An exotic nation that feels shrouded in magic and mystery, a cruise can take you from the historic spice trading port of Chennai to the laid-back vibes of beautiful Goa and the bustling metropolis of Mumbai.