About This Destination

It will come as no surprise that such a vast and varied continent offers up the chance to embark on some of the most unique cruises on the planet. Flowing through nine countries, covering 4,184 miles in its course, the Nile is perhaps the most famous river in the world. Before passing into the Mediterranean Sea at Alexandria, the waters of the Nile make their final passage through Egypt. On a river cruise through this ancient land, guests can see pyramids and great temples as the Nile winds its way to the sea via the spectacular historic sites of Cairo, Luxor, Karnak and more.

Further south, flowing through the jungles of Namibia, Angola and Botswana, the Chobe forms part of a fascinating and intricate river system which runs through south-central Africa. Keep your eyes peeled for all manner of exotic birds or scan the waters for a glimpse of the African tiger fish. Adventures into local villages by Mokoro (a type of canoe made from a hollowed-out tree trunk) provide an authentic experience like no other. As the Chobe National Park lies close to the borders of Zambia and Zimbabwe, it’s easy to pair your river cruise with a safari or a trip to Victoria Falls.

Fact File

  • Flight Time

    Flight time:

    Approx. 11 Hrs

  • Time Difference

    Time Difference:

    +2 Hours

  • Best Time To Travel

    Best Time to Travel:

    November – March

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