Top 5 Honeymoon Trends for 2016

Picture your honeymoon. What do you see? White sand and blue seas as far as the eye can see, sunsets and soft waves day after day? That’s the dream! Or is it?

If a relaxing beach retreat is what you’re after, then there are countless desert islands and paradise honeymoon spots to choose from. However, if you’re hankering after something more you’re not alone…

Kuoni’s latest report into worldwide travel trends shows that more and more couples are choosing to fill their honeymoon with exciting activities. However, the weeks and months leading up to your wedding can be stressful, and chances are that by the end of the big day you’ll both be exhausted. So what’s the answer? Easy, get the best of both worlds – by choosing a twin-centred honeymoon you can make the most of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences, then kick back and enjoy some well-earned R&R.  

Here are our top picks for 2016’s best “have your cake and eat it” honeymoons:

Safari in Style – Africa

Starting married life is often compared to setting off on a great adventure – so why not do just that? With a honeymoon in Africa you can venture into the wild together, enjoying one of the most memorable and awe-inspiring experiences in the world: safari.

If the thought of seeing magnificent animals striding across African plains sends you dizzy with delight, but the idea of roughing it in the bush is holding you back, don’t worry. These days you can do safari in style with luxurious private accommodation, sunrise balloon rides, and champagne breakfasts. What’s not to like?

Wherever you choose to safari you can rest assured that a beautiful beach paradise is not far away… Head from Tanzania’s Serengeti to the dream-like shores of Zanzibar, swap the Masai Mara for Mombasa and the stunning Kenyan coastline, or even hop over to Mauritius and live out your desert island fantasy in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Welcome to the Jungle – Bali

In Kuoni’s 2016 trend report Indonesia (and Bali in particular) made the biggest rise in the honeymoon top ten and it’s not hard to see why… Bali offers honeymoon couples that sense of the exceptional; the romance of a mysterious, exotic land, and the opportunity for unforgettable experiences.

Trek through the jungle to discover ancient Hindu temples, soak up the arty culture in Ubud and explore Bali’s traditions in emerald valleys of rice fields. As if that wasn’t enough, Bali also boasts beautiful beaches and as an added bonus the weather is perfect during our summer months.

Asian Adventure – Vietnam

There is nothing quite like the thrum of South East Asia’s capitals to make you feel alive! Your senses are bombarded: the heat hits you, a cacophony of sound envelops you, tantalizing aromas awaken your appetite and dazzling sights draw your gaze in all directions. It’s an experience like no other, and one that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Bangkok is famous for its buzzing nightlife and Thailand’s beaches are renowned, but if you fancy something slightly different, why not try Vietnam? From ancient Chinese temples to street-side restaurants serving French-inspired cuisine and intimate American-style jazz clubs in the heart of Hanoi’s old city; Vietnam is a country of vast, varied and vibrant culture.

When you need to take it easy you can head to one of Vietnam’s wonderful beach resorts or cruise around the magical islands of Ha Long Bay.

This country certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted but if you’ve got the nerve to make it across the road in Hanoi (an exhilarating experience in itself!), a world of wonders awaits… don’t forget, Fortune favours the brave!

California Dreaming – USA

The USA ranks consistently high on Kuoni’s honeymoon hotlist, with New York and Orlando being two of the most popular destinations. But recently we have seen the rise of the classic all-American road-trip as a great option allowing honeymooners to see more of this vast country.

There is no better place to road-trip than across America’s Golden State. Marvel at the sheer size of the great cliffs and ancient trees that make up Yosemite National Park and stand beneath the aptly-named Bridal Veil Falls; wander through the sunny vineyards of Sonoma Valley (Napa’s less commercial neighbour); get lost in Golden Gate Park and watch the sun set behind the iconic bridge of the same name while you enjoy the culture of cool that pervades San Francisco…

There is so much to see and do in California! A road trip gives you the freedom to explore at your leisure while still enjoying the benefits of luxury hotels and relaxing on the stunning beaches of California’s central coast.

Renaissance Romance – Italy

Italy takes the top spot when it comes to European honeymoon destinations and is more than holding its weight against the more exotic world heavyweights. For the ultimate in honeymoon sophistication Italy really is the place to beat.

See some of the world’s greatest art and architecture in Italy’s beautiful cities, take a tour of the country’s finest wine regions and cover yourselves in gastronomic glory with an authentic Italian cookery class.

When you’ve soaked up all the culture you can handle, head to the gorgeous Amalfi coast to soak up the sun instead. Looking for “la dolce vita”? Well life doesn’t get much sweeter than sitting by the sea in stunning Sorrento, sipping on a cool glass of Prosecco with the one you love!

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