Scenic Neptune:
A new perspective on discovery

Having launched the world’s first discovery yacht, Eclipse, last summer, Scenic have taken the world of luxury expedition cruising to the next level.

With Eclipse II on the way in 2020, Scenic are still seeking to push the boundaries and provide their guests with unique experiences. Their latest innovation will provide passengers with a whole new perspective on their destination.

Guests on board Scenic Eclipse can already get closer to nature and interact with the landscape in a more tangible way thanks to Scenic Eclipse’s tandem kayaks and fleet of Zodiacs. All included in your cruise, these allow guests to take part in a number of guided Scenic Discovery adventures where they can interact with Mother Nature at her finest.

From the surface of the water to the airy regions above, passengers on board Scenic Eclipse also have the opportunity to observe otherwise inaccessible features of the landscape by helicopter. See your destination from the air and get a bird’s eye view as you take to the skies in a state-of-the-art Airbus H130 to fly above the sparkling icebergs of the polar regions.

And now, the luxury cruise line has announced the arrival of the newest addition to their Discovery excursions: Scenic Neptune. Another piece of state-of-the-art technology, Scenic Neptune is a U-Boat Worx Cruise Submarine 7, which is capable of diving to a depth of up to 300 metres. With space for six guests in addition to the submarine pilot, Neptune will allow passengers to explore under the ocean’s surface in absolute comfort and safety.

Custom-built for optimal sight-seeing, guests will be able to view stunning marine life in its natural habitat, as well as observing coral reef and underwater ruins up close. Scenic Neptune’s lateral movement capabilities enhance its ability to manoeuvre quickly and easily to view points of interest, while spacious seats are mounted on a revolving platform so that passengers can swivel to view in all directions through the submarine’s two ultra-clear acrylic spheres. These carefully designed features mean that you won’t miss a thing on your unforgettable journey under the sea!

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